Belly Fat – Exercises to Reduce It

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

There are a lot of exercises to reduce belly fat but are you choosing the right ones? When you wish to rid of your stubborn belly fat, you are required to have a customized daily workout session for the scheduled period. 

The workout should involve cardiovascular exercises that soften your body fat regularly. Ten minutes of continuous walk or rowing exercise will be just efficient at starting level. 

Exercises mean your entire body should participate in your goal, activities like push-ups, chin-ups, and lunges are full-body exercises. 

Finally, involving intensively on the tummy with sit-ups, leg raises and ab-crunches will do the physical activities that you have to follow. 

This workout will produce a lot of sweat. When you sweat, you are not only losing water but also vital minerals from the body. Do follow strictly 5 exercises mentioned below.

1. Crunches:

As crunches are more effective to reduce belly fat in the continuous working environment. Crunches have been the popular way to diminish your belly fat. 

They not only work on fat reducers for the stomach but also promote strengthening your abs. It is not very difficult to do and can be easily done at home. Here is how you follow some rules like:

  • Lie down flat on your exercise mat on your knees bent and feet on the ground.
  • Take your hands and then put them behind your head.
  • Take a deep breath, As you pick up the upper torso off the floor, you should breathe out.
  • Follow the inhaling and then exhale.
  • Initiate this activity with continuing 10 per day and slowly enhance the count.

2. Side crunch:

You can lose belly fat in a week by following this side crunch activity. While it might appear easy to do, it requires rigorous hard work to get the habit of it. Follow side crunch regularly step by step for a quick time. 

Repeating it continuously, you will get habitual to the energy needed to do this. The rules below will encourage you on how you can practice it easily.

  • Lie down horizontally on the floor.
  • Slant your legs to the same side along with your shoulders at the same time.
  • The side crunch concentrated more on the muscles on your belly sides.
  • Initially set a target of 10 times per set every day and slowly elevate the repeats to good results.
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3. Vertical leg crunch:

This activity plays a very vital role in your question of how to lose belly fat in 1 week. Vertical leg crunches improve the muscles of your thighs by bending the leg vertically and boosting muscle mass. To regulate it conveniently, we have to follow it as a guideline for you to get into it. Do this daily.

  • Lie down horizontally on the mat and slowly do the movement of legs facing upwards in the ceiling.
  • And then put one knee crossed over the other.
  • Lift the upper body towards your pelvis and inhale.
  • Now, breathe out slowly and relax too.
  • 12-18 crunches in two or three sets are beneficial for everyday practice.

4. Bicycle exercise:

As the name is bicycle exercise but you don’t need a bicycle. Here we will discuss how you can exercise this without a bicycle. Bicycle crunches are the efficient way to achieve the target of fine lines to the rectus abdominis and the obliques, all mixed in one easy activity. Here is how to follow it.

  • Lie on the floor flat and put your hands on your head or your side.
  • Pick up both the legs off horizontally and then tilt them at the knees.
  • Start with the right knee close to the chest, by keeping the left leg in the air.
  • Now take the right leg out and the left leg near to the chest.
  • You will have to repeat the same alternatively with your two legs.

5. Reverse crunch:

Reverse crunches are a very beneficial practice to lower belly fat in one week. All of them are basic changes of the easy crunch. The reverse crunch will boost your abdominal muscles but also put less strain on your back and neck than another crunch. This activity will offer you six-packs abs and will help to work on your belly fat.

  • Lie down horizontally on the floor with your legs fully elongated and put your arms to the side with the palms on the floor. Put your arms static during the whole workout.
  • Take your legs up such that the thighs are vertical to the floor and your feet are straight together and parallel to the floor. This is your first position.
  • Bend your legs towards the torso and move your pelvis backside and lift the hips off the floor while inhaling. Your knees should be very close to your chest.
  • While exhaling just hold the position for a second and bring your legs back to the initial position.
  • Follow these 3 sets 15 times daily.
  • This is wonderful for one of the best abdominal physical activities for lower fat on the stomach.

6. Plank Exercise 

The plank exercise emerges as an exceptional workout to strengthen your core and abdomen, providing benefits for the hips, lower back, and the entire body balance. Widely adapted in several disciplines that is yoga, professional boxing, and sports like hockey, cricket, and football, the plank is a versatile and productive training tool.

In yoga, the plank, renowned as kumbhakasana, is an integral element of sun salutations, some of the hot yoga routines, and cardio-centric practices. It caters either as a sustained pose for several minutes or as an effortless transition linking different yoga positions.

During boxing and martial arts training, the plank possesses a significance as a conventional pose among the sets of pushups and crunches. Its foremost role is to improve the endurance of the core abdominal muscles, imperative for martial artists and boxers.

Athletes in sports who are either in football and hockey leverage the plank pose to strengthen their core, promoting the entire balance, strength, and coordination during their competitive activities.

How to Perform the Plank Exercise:

  1. Lie flat on the ground.
  2. Place your elbows and legs flat, similar to a push-up position.
  3. Elevate your body, assuring your chin is close to your neck.
  4. Ensure to hold the position for 10 seconds.
  5. Lower your body and repeat such a sequence three times before taking a break.

Benefits of desi cow ghee in fat loss: 

Along with exercise, pay attention to your diet plan. It is very essential what you are eating. So one wonder ingredient you should add to your diet with low carbs and supplements of the various nutrients is desi cow ghee. 

In our other blog, we discussed how ghee is useful in weight loss. Or you can prefer a meal replacement diet for fat loss. Including a nutritional diet is the basic step to losing belly fat

Induce plenty of fibre-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole grains, which can progress your digestion. Eating ghee in moderate amounts can add regulation to your stools and improve the constipation issue.

These are the several benefits of consuming cow ghee for weight loss.

  • Ghee includes vitamins A, D & E, by which the fat is lowered quickly.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids content in ghee do not permit appetite to be often and can prohibit you from consuming too much.
  • It involves good fatty acids, so that fat does not store.
  • The presence of butyric acid in ghee is helpful in mobilizing stubborn belly fat.
  • Ghee contains vital amino acids which help the fat cells to reduce in size.
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Conclusion :

While desi cow ghee may be great for helping you in fat loss, you should get to know that anything in overdose is bad. Despite its proper consumption offering beneficial properties against health issues & benefits for weight loss, ghee should be taken in moderate amounts as a wonder to boost immunity without making you fatten. 

It is good to intake one to two teaspoons of ghee every day to experience maximum benefits. Along with exercise and a diet, proper sleep also promotes a healthy and fit life. So if you want to add ghee to your diet then you can order it online at